Thursday, April 30, 2009



You know that you are a World Champion when you could easily use your beard to double as a full on ski mask and rob a bank. This Zorro-esque superhuman beard belongs to the infamous Jack Passion, winner of many a beard tourney and current title-holder of WORLD Beard and Moustache Champion. My brother-from-another-mother on the West Coast, Beard Revue, sums it up nicely here:

"Men have crossed traffic to further inspect, admire and compliment this beard. Women have offered their loins...Passion’s beard is truly one of the greatest living specimens out there." - Beard Revue, on the magnetism of Passion's beard

This statement was even further solidified in a late night email I received from a beard-loving friend after a recent Passion sighting in Brooklyn.

Date: Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 1:41 AM
Subject: world champion
To: Katie Alexander

this is the guy i was losing my shit over. he is the world champion. he was wearing the white tux tonight.

I think one of my biggest regrets in life will be not getting out of bed that night to go check out that magnificent work of art for myself. Ironic, since it was standing right next to me a year earlier and i didn't even know it.

Oh well, my time will come. And until then we will continue to hail the almightiest beard in the world. And we will most definitely be rootin' for you in Alaska, Mr. Passion! (For live coverage of this event, please tune in to my twittersphere)

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  1. goodness, get a grip, grow up a little. You seem to have more than a few brain cells left.