Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is a pretty sweet tattoo right? I was just over on St Marks the other day contemplating getting a similar one myself. Well...i'm sure as shit glad i didnt. Couldve easily been mistaken for THIS music savvy, perverse speaking, money stealing, acute disease claiming, Kareem Abdul Jabaar signature forging psychopath.

This seemingly awesome tattoo belongs to a beard-boning criminal by the name of Kari Ferell. Krazy Eyes Kari is wanted in 50 states(ok, 2) for seducing her way into the beds and bank accounts of countless innocent bearded men across the nation, stealing their money and cell phones, and doing all sorts of other crazy shit on top of that.

You can read the journalistically accurate version in The Observer. But moral of the story, Beards Beware: what may appear sexy over workplace IM/in a naughty note from "Korean Abdul Jabaar" will only empty your pockets, your medicine cabinets and your hearts.

PS Kari - why are you holding a cup that says AIDS if you are trying to pick up dudes? great way to get the fellas in the sack.

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