Monday, April 13, 2009

Beard Of The Ball Award

Been away for a while due to a porn-related computer virus contracted from sternyoulearn, but we’re kicking it back into gear today with the inauguration of the prestigious Beard of the Ball Award. The Beard of the Ball Award is our way of saluting the beards we love and will be bestowed upon those displaying extraordinary beardliness and outstanding showmanship at any beard-related event.

This week’s Beard of the Ball Award goes to You Bet Your Beard friend and soon to be Xbeard collaborator, Jake Schneider, aka Nitrous Jake, aka Mr. Balloon Beard.

In the Solar System of Beards, Jake could be considered Jupiter. Magnetic, volcanic, celestial. All in all, just a breath of fresh nitrous. In addition to being one of the funnest and hairiest guys we know, he also books some kickass bearded bands and runs one of our favorite blogs around, Much like us, Jake’s pastimes include blogging, twittering, watching weird youtube videos, exposing copious amounts of flesh(or in his case, hair) and hitting the occasional late night amphetamine-fueled dance party. And when it comes to the beard game, this guy is runnin it - point guard, quarterback and wide receiver style. Watch Jake earning his Beard of the Ball Award here and in our photographic tribute above.

Shirts off and Beards up to Nitrous Jake for making the world a happier and hairier place!

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