Monday, May 4, 2009

Tecate Toast

This week's extra special Cinco de Mayo award goes to the King Cobra himself, Johnny Beach. A million thank yous to Captain Hammerstix for organizing the brilliantly bearded bill of Dark Was the Night and riggin us up all nachos grande style for the show. Muy Congrats, Felice Cumpleanos and Tres Tecates Shotgunos! To find out more about the man of the hour, checkout the King Cobra's full bio HERE.

And in regards to the absolutely phenomenal Dark Was The Night show, Senor Vegan has a great review up that everyone should read. I caught up with the Vegan for a sec after the show and our conversation went something like this:

BV: Amazing show. And I loved it when my Brightest Diamond sang on that one Bon Iver song.

Me: Noone should even open their mouth to breathe when Justin Vernon is singing.

BV: alright psycho. welp...seeya later.

LOTS more in-depth beard coverage of our beloved Bon Iver coming at you upon our return from Rape Cod. But right now, a gigante Tecate toast to Johnny Beach!

1 comment:

  1. cheers to Johnny Beach, shot-gunning tecates on the streets of NY, the critically acclaimed 'you bet your beard' blog, and all the artists who put on that amazing show!

    Thank you.

    we are ec passing champagne in your honor.